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After a few days on the almost inhabited Cyclades islands, we head for Amorgos, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and the largest island in Greece. Amorogos has become a popular destination for the Ionians who cross the island on their way to the islands of Crete or the Aegean Sea. Although there are ion cities in Efessos and Alikarnassos (Militos), it was the first stop of the ion tribes who travelled to the Cyclades Islands.

Archaeological research on the island shows that Amorgos was inhabited in the 4th millennium BC and served as an important centre of a remarkable Cycladic culture. Only after the fall of the Roman Empire did the three ancient cities of Amorogo lose their power and were destroyed by the decay of their ancient infrastructure.

The small size meant that the Cyclades could not compete with the growing cultures of Crete and mainland Greece. In general, the island was not so developed for shopping, so it was cheaper to stay, eat and go, especially compared to other parts of Greece such as Athens and the mainland.

If you want to experience people having a good time, then you should go there and let the history of the island unfold before your eyes.

The Hora Archaeological Museum, housed in a traditional manor house called Sala tou Gavra, contains some of the interesting pieces excavated from the island. These include the remains of ancient temples, tombs, houses and other archaeological sites. The museum's collection is full of antique artifacts, such as ceramics, ceramics, bronze, glass and glassware.

The Pelos cave culture, named after the settlement of Naxos and the cemetery of Melos, was found in the area of the city, while the Phylakopi culture is named after a settlement on Melo, another important find. The Greek Archaeological Service promoted the construction of a museum on the island, the Archaeological Museum of Hora, in collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Greece. These groups seem to have a rather limited scope, but artifacts have also been found on Paros or Thera.

Do not let the remoteness of the island stop you from going to Amorgos. Most of the exhibits have been sent to museums in Athens, but some are still on the islands. Plan your own visit to this island and visit the Museum of Hora, the Archaeological Museum of Naxos and the archaeological site of Melos. Come and join us as we look at the best things to do in Amorgoos, Greece, and plan a great day out with your friends and family.

Although the tourism rate is growing rapidly, Amorgos maintains it in relation to its Greek customs and traditions, and despite the rapidly growing tourism rates, it still keeps its traditions, especially as regards its Greek customs and traditions, real. If you want to learn more about the traditional Greek festivals, Amorgoos offers a lot of learning material and welcomes tourists to be part of their community. Stop by to enjoy a few grams of Greek coffee in one of the places where coffee, ouzo or mezede are served (see Tip No. 9). Here you can sit for many hours and share the meze with Ousos and Raki, watch passers-by and become very popular with young people.

Amorgos is not the most popular tourist island in Greece, but it welcomes many tourists every year and there are a large number of restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops. Although there are many taverns on AmorgOS, they are usually full, so you don't have to wait hours to get involved and experience all the unique sites that Amorgoos has to offer. Those who decide to visit Amoringos, the Little Cyclades, have no transport problems, since the boats leave the island already at ten.

There are daily ferries from Piraeus port to Athens, but the Hellenic Seaways are about six and a half hours,

Hiking in Amorgos is something very special and should not be missed if you plan to do so in Greece, but also take Ikaria or Kalymnos when Folegandros, Milos or Sifnos appear. Although this is not the main attraction of the island compared to other Greek islands, other activities are wellness - related activities. Some great beaches to take part in local activities are the famous Halkidiki Beach, Kalaia Beach and Lefkonos Beach.

Amorgos and the Lesser Cyclades can be reached by boat from Athens, Naxos, Kalymnos or other main Greek islands. You can fly from NAXOS to Athens and then come directly by boat from the port of Aegiali or Katapola, or you can take a boat in Athens or from one of the other main islands.

More About Amorgos

More About Amorgos