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Greece has been known for many years for its hospitality, beautiful scenery and stunning beaches. If you are in a beautiful place, where you have plenty of time to relax on the beach of Chora and admire the breathtaking natural beauty at all times, you will definitely appreciate the food. The best time of year to visit Amorgos (and the Greek islands in general) is summer, when ferries are the most frequent. This means that in August, the islands are flooded with visitors (mainly Greeks).

Tsagaradiko is one of the more upscale taverns, located in the square of three whitewashed churches, which give you the precious feeling of being in a Greek village. You can eat, drink and drink, but also enjoy some good typical Greek dishes at a reasonable price. The places that are more expensive are indicated by the price of wine and beer, as well as the number of restaurants and bars. At lunchtime you can have lunch in one or two restaurants or even in some bars and restaurants in Amorgos.

Do not let the remoteness of the trip stop you from reaching Amorgos. If you are planning a trip to the Cyclades, be sure to read the itinerary and guide to plan your own visit to the island. If you are interested in other Greek islands, such as Crete, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Idomeni, Karpathos and Cephalonia, you can also belong to the Cyclades. For more information on planning your own Greek Island Hopping trip, check out our list of the best Greek Island Hopping trips in Greece and Greece in general.

If you wish to plan a ferry trip to Amorgos or another island, you must use the Ferries in Greece website. For a comprehensive guide to navigating the Aegean Sea, please read our Greek Ferry Guide. You can also discover our articles about Greece through our website, where we have listed some articles to help you plan your trips to Greece.

The nearest airports are Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini, from where you can take the ferries to Amorgos. If you are already in the Cyclades, you do not have to forget it, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

You need to hire a car to explore the island, but if you want one of the best culinary experiences on the island, you don't need one. Serifos is a place where you can eat out and make the most of it, and you can visit some of the most popular restaurants in Greece, such as the famous Kostas, the best in the country.

If you are thinking of adding a stay in Amorgos to your holiday in Greece, you should know that this is not for everyone and if you want to see people enjoying themselves, you should definitely go there. The campsites are well equipped and most are located right on the beach, so the nights are warm and you can enjoy delicious Greek island dishes while dining under the gently breaking waves. Overnight: If you are young and adventurous, it is quite possible to take a tent with you to Greece.

You will learn from the chef how to prepare the most delicious and tasty dishes from Amorgos and other islands of the Mediterranean.

We give you some of the best tips and routes to plan your trip to Amorgos, Greece. Join us in our upcoming blog post to take a look at some good things to do in Amorogos Greece and other islands in the Mediterranean.

As cliched as it may sound, the easternmost of the Cyclades Islands is home to one of Greece's most popular tourist destinations, Amorogos. It may not be as popular as other Cycladic islands, such as Crete or Cyprus, but it has a culinary reputation and still attracts gourmets. The atmosphere is authentic, there are many restaurants and bars and a wide selection of food for those who come here. If you asked me what my favourite island in Greece is, I would struggle to find an answer because it can be crowded.

In Amorgos you will be spoilt with a full menu of delicious dishes and can experience unique species that are only available here. I am happy to share my recipe for stuffed eggplant and little slippers with you. The traditional Greek drink rakhi, which is interspersed with a mixture of olive oil, sugar, salt, lemon juice and a little sugar and water. You can also drink Greek coffee in any place where coffee is served (ouzo or mezede), but in Amorogos you can only experience a unique type of coffee, the "ouzos," which are only available to those present in the cafes.

Greek is just a few mouth - soaking dishes that are served every day, such as the patatato sprat, which is a rice - shaped pasta. Right on the main strip of Chora, near the restaurant, you can enjoy the best Greek dishes that the island has to offer. There is fresh fish and a wide selection of other delicious dishes, from chicken and fish to meat and meatballs.

More About Amorgos

More About Amorgos