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Many film producers have chosen glorious Greece as the backdrop for memorable films, and they seem to agree. The island of Syros could soon be the setting for one of the most famous films in the history of film and television. The Greek professor has compiled a collection of music representing the music played on the Aegean islands. The Greek - born as a researcher - is also a member of a Boston-based music group that plays various genres of Greek music.

Many of the songs are of great beauty and clarity and contribute to giving Greek pop music a rare quality. Many of them are of great beauty, clarity or both, and contribute to adding some rare qualities to the popular music of the Greeks, such as the sound of birds, birds and birds.

He also invested a lot of creative energy in translating his poems into songs that are forever anchored in the musical psyche of the Greek nation. Gatsos always had the ambition to be both a critic and a translator, but he also worked as a poet and as a writer of songs and poems. Greek culture and his work have already had a great influence on the music of Greece and the world.

Here are some wonderful movies, but my favorites are from the first to the best (Zorba in Greek). If you know how to live, why not act and shoot in Greece, I guarantee that after seeing the beautiful landscapes, you are ready to make your way to the next plane to the land of the gods.

Come with us for a relaxing yoga holiday combining the best of both worlds: yoga, yoga classes and a trip to one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Dine and enjoy delicious Greek island cuisine while dining on the gently breaking waves of the Aegean Sea in the heart of Athens. Famous for Luc Besson's classic Big Blue, it is set on a small island in Greece, just off the coast of Karpathos.

Surrounded by the more famous Cyclades, Sikinos is a charming untouristy island. The island is not so developed for shopping, especially compared to other Aegean islands such as Karpathos and Crete, but it is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

The sacred music on this Byzantine island differs from that in the rest of Greece, but it is still preserved in many parts of the island, such as the church of St. George the Great.

In the Aegean Cyclades, the violin is more popular than the Cretan lyre and produces the music of several distinguished musicians, including the great violinist Leonida Kostas and her son Panagiotis. The instruments used in ancient Thracian music are still common instruments of folk music in Thrace. Although remarkable, folk songs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, such as the song of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George the Great, are also the most famous of all ancient Greek music. That is, to tell the whole story of Greece without mentioning any of them directly is a great achievement.

The Cyclades, a group of Greek islands, include the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the islands of Crete. Naxos Island is the largest of the Cyclades and on this page you will find information about flights and ferries to and from Naxos.

Unfortunately, Amorgos does not have an airport, but you can reach the island from Crete via the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea by ferry. You can take ferries from Athens airport or Naxos island to Greece by boat. You have a website where, when you check the ferry timetable and times, you book your ticket and receive a ticket for the next day. There is a ferry service from Athens to the port city of Piraeus, which in summer is also connected to the other important ferry line, the Efthymias, as well as other ferry lines.

The Amorgos festival is one of the things not to miss while visiting the island, accompanied by traditional music, food and wine. For those with a bleeding heart and a love of music and music in general, we can help future festivals flourish.

Greek folk music, called Demotiko Paradosiako in Greek by those who date back to Byzantine times and Reetiko Laiko in English. Besides the music that is common in Greece, there are different kinds of folk music, which are sometimes connected with the history or simply with the taste of a certain place. Greek refugees from Asia Minor spread their Rebikos Laiko at the beginning of the 20th century. The festivals that are played, such as the Amorgos Festival and other festivals, also vary from region to region in Greece.

Hasapiko dances and later served as a base for the Sirtaki and as a source of food and drink for many people in Greece.

More About Amorgos

More About Amorgos