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Hikers like to zigzag their holidays on the rugged island of Amorgos and discover its secluded beaches and beautiful beaches. The water is so beautiful that director Luc Besson chose it for his 1987 film "The Water." The beaches of Amorgos are small hideaways of rocks in the vast Aegean Sea.

I would love to go back to Andros to see it all and maybe visit the Melissa Guesthouse in Paleopolis Bay on Androids West Coast. At least this little trip gave me an idea of what I could see on the island. Taking part in a creative retreat would be my thing, and I'm a big fan of Melissa Guesthouse.

One of the boats that leave from here will take you to the small island of Nikouria, which has two beautiful beaches. The boat took me to the stunning beach of Gramvoussa and then on the other side to another beautiful beach in the village of Kalymnos, just a few kilometers away.

Discover cultural monuments, enjoy the natural beauty of the island, enjoy the magnificent view over the Aegean Sea, discover and preserve the typical lifestyle of Amorgos and let the history of this island unfold before your eyes. Defend the islands against the dissolution of their cultural conventions and against their dissolution by cultural conventions.

Enjoy a stroll through the streets of Chora and linger in one of the taverns to sample the local delicacy of homemade raki. Transistoraki offers homemade liqueur, which is only made in Amorgos, and if you are looking for a walk after dinner, you can also have dinner in a local restaurant, such as the famous Kostasia restaurant in the town of Karpathos. Enjoy the beautiful views over the Aegean Sea as you stroll along the road from Chora.

The PADI - ANDI Diving Centre is the only one of its kind in the country that offers recognised diving training and a wide range of diving equipment. You are invited to go hiking in Amorgos for a day or two with a group of friends and family members, and you do not have to be a climber to discover the secrets of the island and discover the rich world of herbs of the island of Amorogos. There are seven routes along which you can discover some of the most beautiful and unique flora and fauna of this beautiful island, seven of which are signposted.

The Monastery of Hozoviotissa is the second oldest monastery in Greece, located on the eastern side of Amorgos, and one of the oldest monasteries in Greece.

On the beaches of Amorgos, which are ideal because they are so private, like many other beaches on the island, such as those in Halkidiki, naturism is widespread. The island has a number of underwater caves, which are ideal for diving, although most are remote and few are organized. There is a museum of ancient Greece, founded in the 11th century, which has a collection of more than 1,000 manuscripts and hundreds of manuscripts.

On the beautiful beaches there are many opportunities for coffee and food, but Chora also has some nice places to eat and drink and enjoys a wonderful evening. The area is popular with young people who float to the bars in the morning and back to the bars in the evening.

Amorgos can be reached by ferry from Athens, and from the port of Katapola there are regular summer buses to Agia Antikythera and from there to Chora. Forget about sugar and look for vegetarian or vegan options. There are many restaurants and cafes in the area as well as some great cafes and restaurants in Athens.

If you prefer peace and quiet, the best time to visit Amorgos is between Easter, April and May, when temperatures are not too high. The weather in September and October is still perfect and not too hot, with few tourists. t let it get you down at the end of the day, the sunset view is beautiful and the sunsets are fantastic.

The most picturesque part of the bay is located in the south - west of Amorgos, near the town of Kavala and the village of Halkidiki, right on the main road.

There is an amazing village hidden in the mountains, dominated by a 13th century Venetian castle called Kastro, and there is a deep-rooted connection to the Greek Orthodox Church. The main attraction of the island is the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist in Kavala, dedicated to the "Presentation of the Virgin." Amorgos has plenty of tourist attractions, from beautiful beaches, old churches and the old town of Kalkidiki to the historic city. There are many other attractions to visit, such as a number of museums, churches, restaurants, hotels and other tourist attractions.

Next to Katapola is the small hamlet of Rahidi, dominated by the large church of Agios Georgios, and next to it the church of Agios Georgios Valsamitis. You will arrive in ancient Minoa, where you can admire the ancient statues of St. George, patron saint of Amorgos, as well as a number of other ancient monuments.

More About Amorgos

More About Amorgos